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Submitted by admin on November 4, 2009 – 4:12 pmNo Comment


As a high-profile magazine editor, many of our readers would be interested to know how you got to be where you are today?

Hard work, a nonchalance towards accepted norms of spelling and
grammar, and actimel.

Who would you recommend your book to?

We welcome all comers, that’s the point of both the online and printed oeuvre. We don’t think in terms of demographics, rather in terms of a single “omnigraphic”. That said, the fonts are quite small so anyone of retirement age should probably steer clear.

How do you find news? And how do you decide what news is?

Twitter and then we ask someone from T4.

Is the internet finished yet? if not, when will it be finished?

We only use dial-up internet in our office to preserve its purity so
it has a long way to reach its potential as far as we are concerned.

What do you think is meant by a ‘traditional’ Christmas?

For me a traditional Christmas begins with eggnog at the Schamas
on christmas eve followed by lunch the next day hosted at our
offices for hard-up celebrities. This year I’m cooking a goose for
Jack Tweed and his extended family.

What book are you currently reading?

I’m devouring that new seminal novel about how the bad banks and
naughty fundementalists destroyed British society. I also loved ‘Just
For Laughs!’ by Martin Amis.

Who’s making good films at the moment?

There’s a digital agency called ‘Bless’ which is making the freshest
vid-shots since Danny Baker’s ads for Daz. Absolutely mindblowing.
They were the ones who did the nestle “chimp pissing in a
cup” campaign and the notorious Peter Sutcliffe Lynx ads.

Emin or Ermine?

Tracey is a close personal friend of ours so it’s a tricky one! She has
her detractors but let me tell you this, no-one has given me better advice about what to do with my pension.

You smell nice. Whose scent are you wearing?

Richard Madeley’s. I was at his fondue sleepover party last night.


We think ‘now’ as a concept is even more relevant than ever.

Do you think print media is dead?

No, it’s not dead. it’s lying in a corridor somewhere in University
College hospital, waiting for a nurse to empty its bed pan. and I
think that says more about the state of the NHS than the media.

What’s on the office ipod?

The little fat boy who just won the mercury prize.

Does the book come with any extras?

The first 100 copies will contain one of my wife’s fairtrade ricotta
and spinach tartlettes.

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