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Submitted by admin on September 1, 2010 – 10:18 am11 Comments

bookshotLubin TalesWelcome to a world of small town debauchery and intercontinental dubious intent . . .

Lubin Tales is a 64-page hardback, pocket-sized collection of beautifully illustrated ‘micro-fictions’ – a debut collection of short stories and musings by artist and performer Gerry King.

Surreal, playful and romantic, the stories are woven together from various locations and time frames; an abandoned 1947 V-12 Lincoln automobile waits for a history in a French wood, British seaside resorts are portrayed with renewed love and nostalgia. A host of characters tease and entertain: the fabulous Pauls, one a continental hairdresser, the other a 1950s welterweight boxer, the promenade-prancing Poodle Faker and the deliciously deviant Stealerant.

Each page is a visual delight, colour throughout with graphic illustration and photography.

Book Excerpt

Let me Save You From Yourself

She was svelte, sexy, sensation-seeking and Scorpio – worked as a nurse and liked to get her fingers into the ward trolley for the dolly mixtures. He was a borderline-functioning chemically dependent criminal creative with interests in Brixton and Totnes. In ecstasy ‘loved-up mode’ they would swan about Brighton and Hove in a midnight-blue Sunbeam Rapier playing Barry White on the eight track.

Envy is a strong word – let me now save you from yourself.

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  • Georgia says:

    This book is a truly eclectic and surreal collection of stories whose characters seem to represent that desire for nostalgia that is proving so popular today. The tales are very entertaining and I think that with the recent rise of vintage fashion fayres and the desire to recreate a bygone era, this trend may be the one to follow.

  • Tim Bouquet says:

    Zero Lubin’s world is delightfully quirky, sureal, sinister, beguiling and completely devoid of third-rate celebrities. But who is creator Gerry King? Isn’t it time we had a feature on where he and this unique world comes from?

  • Holly Combe says:

    Good to see this inspired, eccentric and well written book on here. The compelling characters and strikingly detailed descriptions of everyday British life manage to be gritty and quaint all at once.

    This is definitely one to read if the strains and pressures of normality seem to have anaesthetised your imagination and weakened your ability to see the adventures and stories taking place around you. Lubin Tales lets you know they were there all along and will continue to be.

  • Aaron says:

    Fantastic and fresh writing with great photos and illustrations. If your looking to read something thats like nothing else then definately get hold of this. An unusual pleasure!

  • Mary says:

    I love this book!

  • Alex Rosso says:

    Fantastic little book! Gerry King has embued each page with a perfectly judged feast of imagery and characters that slip into and flavour the day. King has a unique voice and mode of presentation that shifts one’s perception by introducing a sense of intrigue, effortlessly proving a whole range of emotion can be drawn from the simplest of starting points – and, valuably, to quietly recognise that the emotions are our own.
    Lubin Tales will just about fit into the pocket, and is a perfect little place to go to reboot the imagination. Love it!

  • chris martin says:

    What to say – this book will baffle you, entertain you, excite you, confuse you and cause you to smile.

    It is eccentric and unique. It’s a book to savour or devour. I keep picking it up to double read what I thought I’d enjoyed the previous day…..and enjoyed it all over again!

    Put simply it’s a great read. Peculiar but then aren’t we all….

  • When I told Gerry King how much I liked this book he was so pleased he express mailed me his best suit – which he’d grown out of but it was a perfect fit for me… a very expensive mint condition Christian Dior in a fifties cut. So now I like Gerry just as much as his book!

  • nick cocking says:

    Wonderful, charming & strangely titalating. My favourite piece of non-fiction.

  • Kevin Foot says:

    Fantastic book! I have recommended it to friends as a must read, must have and a unusual pressie!!

    Unusually, I have enjoyed this book twice, once on the first read and once all over again the second time! Well done Gerry!

  • Atila Mustafa says:

    Really enjoyed reading this little gem. Full of quirky characters and a good eye for the everyday that we often just don’t see. Loved the art too. Would make a perfect gift. I was left wanting more and more!!!