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Submitted by admin on December 2, 2010 – 8:48 amNo Comment

Penguin have today unveiled a new series of World Classics in partnership with the international RED campaign to coincide with World AIDS Day. The day is designed to raise awareness of the AIDS epidemic and reflect on what what has been accomplished in the fight against HIV/AIDS. It is also aimed at galvanising efforts in that fight. The books have all had new covers designed and we’re featuring them (and interviews with the talented designers behind them over the course of the week)
sons and lovers_lowres
Designed by Marian Bantjes –

~ How did this book inspire your cover artwork?

Well, it’s a book about love and sex and mothers, and, um, I call this the “vulva type”.

~ What else do you associate with the colour red?

Blood, viscera, passion, war, love, sex … there’s an involvement in the colour red, it’s something you sink your teeth, arms, heart, mind into.

vanity fair_lowres
Yulia Brodskaya –

~ How did this book inspire your cover artwork?

I always enjoy incorporating typography into my paper work, that’s why the task to create a cover based on the most known or key phrases/citations from the book was just the right one for me.
For the lettering I used numerous swirls and curls to emphasize the flamboyant nature of Regency Style.

~ Did you approach the design like any other book, or did it feel that these ones were a little special?

This cover was quite special for me because that was the first time when I used black and white paper stripes only (usually my paper quilling works are very colourful and use white or light background).

~ What else do you associate with the colour red?

Energy, attention, USSR

wuthering heights_lowres

Jonny Hannah –

~ How did this book inspire your cover artwork?

I needed to make something with antiquity in it, but also something quite fraught. so the two ingredients of a flower pattern, and frantic handwriting seemed to fit the bill. it was fairly easy, as I’d illustrated an article about the brontes for the sunday telegraph a couple of years ago. it’s all about it having the right flavour. I tried listening to Kate Bush, but it sadly didn’t help.

~ Any thoughts on the Penguin/RED partnership?

We need more of these collaborations. Our tough times need a more long-term humanitarian approach to everyday life, or our x-factor style of selfishly seeking the short time is going to have us coming unstuck. And Aids now seems like a part of yesteryear, the media’s forgotten about it & it gets spoken about less & less.

~ What else do you associate with the colour red?

My favourite 50’s flannel shirt. hammer horrors. A colour I can’t screenprint without. Robert Burn’s poems.

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