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Submitted by admin on December 3, 2010 – 9:11 pmNo Comment

Penguin have today unveiled a new series of World Classics in partnership with the international RED campaign to coincide with World AIDS Day. The day is designed to raise awareness of the AIDS epidemic and reflect on what what has been accomplished in the fight against HIV/AIDS. It is also aimed at galvanising efforts in that fight. The books have all had new covers designed and we’re featuring them (and interviews with the talented designers behind them over the course of the week).

little women_lowres

The Caseroom Press –
~ How did this book inspire your cover artwork?
This was actually Philippa’s favourite ever book — so between that and the fact it was a commission for Penguin, we felt a huge amount of pressure during the design process. We tried out several different routes, using letterpress, typewriters and hand-drawn lettering, none of which seemed right, so we went back to the quote we were given and settled on the fundamental difference between a boy and a girl. The XX/XY chromosomes. After that the design process, and the wood type, all fell into place.

~ Did you approach the design like any other book, or did it feel that these ones were a little special?

The first set of books in the series are so beautifully thought through and so varied, we did feel that we were part of something quite different and quite special, yes. We hadn’t seen any of the work for the second set either, so we did fret about letting the side down…

~ Any thoughts on the Penguin/RED partnership?

It’s an honour to be a part of something so important. For the design of a book jacket to be part of a process that saves lives is unbelievable.

~ What else do you associate with the colour red?

I always think back to Chip Kidds’ comment about his design for the book Disclosure (based on a quote by Ivan Chermayeff), “When in doubt, make it red. If you’re still in doubt, make it big and red.”

Kidnapped cover by Julian House

Sentimental Education cover by Richard Green

Sentimental Education cover by Richard Green

The Lady with the Little Dog cover by Harland Miller

The Lady with the Little Dog cover by Harland Miller

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